Gold Bar Blue Print

Save yourself time and money by starting your business today with a small investment! We've done all of the hard work for you! Everything you need to start a successful boutique / Brand is right here! 
For Clothing:
  • Custom Clothing Brand Vendors
  • Fashion Clothing Vendors
    (boutique clothing with styles identical to Fashionnova, Pretty Little Thing, etc.)
  • Fitness Vendors
  • Swimwear Vendors
  • Sleepwear Vendors


Gold Bar Blueprint  
TOL is offering premium clientele vendor connections , and consultation.
Inbox for serious inquiries only!!
Cut out the middle man and make a impact in the fashion industry with your brand . we Will provide you high-quality vendors we have worked with for over 10 years ! NO NEED TO LOOK FOR OTHER Sourcing!! (GBB) will be extremely beneficial to you and your brand! 📈 From Private Labeling, Emboirdey,patch’s, Crystal logos, Wholesale Garments,  Screenprint, Track suits/jumpers/shorts /mask/hats/ denim/ Varsity JACKETS , COATS ECT. USA & OVERSEAS ! 
Soc media: (not required)
Description of what you need for your business! 
One of the biggest struggles we had we when first started our brand was figuring out how to find quality t-shirts, hats, and products for our apparel brand. 
With no formal design experience, we've developed the techniques on how to get quality manufacturing for your brand.

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